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Which TENS product is right for me?

Choosing the Best Type of Electrical Stimulation product for You: We first recommend that you talk to your doctor or physical therapist to determine what type of electrotherapy would be best suited for your condition. Your doctor may recommend more than one type of electrotherapy. We offer TENS, and Combo TENS/EMS (Muscle Stimulation) units. Click HERE to learn more about the different types of electrotherapy and how it may benefit you. 

Options to Consider When Choosing a TENS Machine: There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best unit. The first thing to consider is whether you prefer digital or analog. Digital units are going to have the buttons and the LED display, whereas the analog units are adjusted with knobs and have no digital display. The strength of the TENS has nothing to do with digital or analog. They tend to sell equally. It really depends on personal preference and how you want to adjust the unit. Prescription and OTC (over the counter) units are similar in strength. The OTC units generally have more presets and a much more detailed instruction manual. 

Included with your new TENS machine: All of our TENS machines come ready to use with a pack of four electrodes (most 2×2), lead wires, batteries, and instruction manual . It is important to have back up electrodes, as the electrodes provided with the ‘ready to use’ unit are considered good for 10-20 uses on clean, dry skin. The amount of oil on your skin, humidity and storage are all factors that affect the life of your electrode. It is important to store your electrode in a cool, dry place. 

Choosing your electrodes: When choosing the electrode size that is best suited for you, there are a few things to consider. Most of our TENS have two channels. This means that (in most cases) four electrodes will be used during treatment to complete two currents. The smaller the electrode, the more centralized and intense the current will feel and the larger the electrode, the more dispersion or the less intense the current will feel. Electrodes, such as our KWF46-TP have two pig tails on the electrode, therefore creating one strong current using only one electrode. Our most popular electrode is our KWTS22-TP. This is a 2×2 tan cloth premium electrode. Each package contains 4 electrodes. Most of our electrodes come in a four pack until you get into the much larger sizes. We have tan cloth, white cloth, foam, single use ESU-1 (band aid type material) and sterile (post-surgical) electrodes. The single use electrode ESU-1 is a 2×2 bag of 40. These electrodes are popular in physical therapy settings because they reduce the risk of germs and contamination. The cloth is more flexible than the foam, so if you are using the electrode on a curvy place of the body you may prefer the cloth electrode for flexibility. You may view all of our available electrodes here. Please view our Electrode Placement Chart

Placing your order: Whether you choose to place your order online or by telephone, we will need the following information: *Name * Phone *Email (if you would like a digital receipt) *Billing Address *Shipping Address *Credit Card number *expiration *name on card and *code. You may create an account online. 
Shipping: We ship USPS for end users, unless otherwise specified. All orders $50.00 and over receive free USPS shipping. If your order is under $50, there will be a flat $8.95 shipping fee. If you are close to $50 and looking for a product to get you to the free shipping amount, I highly recommend our Topicool-4 w/Catsclaw. Expect your shipment to take 3-5 business days within the United States when shipped USPS. Most orders received before 12:00 MTN are shipped same day. Wholesale orders will be charged by weight and sent Fed Ex, UPS or USPS.
Other Popular Items to Consider: Topicool Pain Relief Gel w/ Cat’s Claw, regular 9 Volt batteries, AA Recharge Kit or 9 Volt Rechargeable Battery Kit, support braces, orthopaedic pillows, as well as other options for drug free pain management therapy. 

After you Receive Your Electrotherapy Device: Once you have your batteries, lead wires and electrodes in place, finding the correct setting may take some time. Most physical therapist will be able to help. Be sure to contact us and order new supplies before running out. Enjoy!